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Welcome to the MEF Carrier Ethernet Certified Professional Listings.   The MEF professional certification program is designed for telecommunication professionals seeking to validate their expertise, skills and knowledge of Carrier Ethernet technologies, standards, services and applications.  Certification is awarded to individuals that successfully pass MEF administered tests developed by distinguished leaders and experts in the Carrier Ethernet industry.  Currently the MEF-CECP program has certified 5080 individuals in 100 countries and 665 employer organizations.

If you have recently been certified but do not show in the following table, please click here to fill in some important information about your certification so we can add you to the listing!

To remain current with the latest standards and work of the MEF, MEF-CECPs need to retake the MEF-CECP exam every three years in order to maintain their active status on the registry shown below. The full MEF-CECP certification expiration policy can be viewed here.

Note: MEF-CECPs who passed the exam prior to January 2013 will have until January 2016 to retake the exam to remain listed with active status.

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Name Status Certification Date Company Country
Alan Leung Active 2017-05-25


China China
Alan Liew Inactive 2015-05-15

BTI Systems

United States United States
Alan Noraddin Inactive 2014-07-25

Level 3 Communications

United States United States
Alan Stroud Inactive 2015-10-02

Charter Communications

Unites States
Alan Usher Inactive 2012-10-12

Fujitsu Network Communications

Alan Watson Inactive 2013-09-13

Cisco Systems

United Kingdom United Kingdom
Albert Boeve Inactive 2013-05-16


Australia Australia
Albert Gonzalez Inactive 2015-10-15


United States United States
Albert IP Inactive 2013-09-12


Hong Kong Hong Kong
Alberto Mendez Vera Inactive 2014-06-06

Productos Soluciones y Servicio, S.A. de C.V.

Mexico Mexico
Alberto Rodrigues Inactive 2014-04-25


Brazil Brazil
Aleem Daya Active 2016-12-02


United States United States
Alejandro Castro Inactive 2015-11-06


England England
Alejandro Piana Inactive 2012-09-14

Tata Communications

Spain Spain
Alejandro Ramirez Inactive 2014-08-15

Level 3 Communications

United States United States
Alejandro Rivera Inactive 2014-02-28


Mexico Mexico
Alejandro Rivera (Adva) Inactive 2012-05-25

ADVA Optical Networking

Brazil Brazil
Aleksandar Pajevic Inactive 2015-05-04

Liberty Global B.V.

Netherlands Netherlands
Aleksander Medynski Inactive 2012-05-25

ADVA Optical Networking

Poland Poland
Aleksey Sechkin Inactive 2014-02-28


Russia Russia
Ales Ochoa Inactive 2013-08-08

Charter Communications

United States United States
Ales Skocir Inactive 2015-04-10

Accedian Networks

Slovenia Slovenia
Alessandro Candidori Active 2016-03-24

Telecom Italia Sparkle

Italy Italy
Alessandro Marra Active 2016-07-29


England England
Alessandro Pezzopane Inactive 2012-05-25

ADVA Optical Networking

Italy Italy
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