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MEF-ATPs are companies offering Carrier Ethernet courses that include all the relevant material in order to study and prepare for the MEF-CECP exam. In order to become and remain an MEF-ATP, training providers must: Pass an initial major MEF audit of the company, its Carrier Ethernet course instructors and the Carrier Ethernet course materials themselves, Pass periodic minor MEF audits of their Carrier Ethernet courses and instructors by the MEF to ensure courses remain updated with recent MEF technical specification ratifications and be members of the MEF.

MEF-ATPs are companies offering Carrier Ethernet courses that include all the relevant material required to study and prepare for the MEF-CECP exam.

Individuals and training departments of organizations preparing for the MEF-CECP exam can take a Carrier Ethernet training course provided by one of the MEF Accredited Training Providers (MEF-ATPs) located around the globe. 

Tech 2000

Tech 2000 is an MEF Accredited Training Provider, a Gold Apple Authorized Training Center (AATC) and a Cisco Learning Partner - Data Center Specialized providing the highest quality training for today's emerging Broadband Network Technologies. Tech 2000 provides training on the Cisco CRS-3, CRS-1, ASR9K and ASR1K platforms in addition to many other Broadband platforms. Our proprietary adult learning methodology techniques are proven to provide the knowledge and cutting edge technical capabilities required in today's telecom industry. We are a leader in Mobile Learning Technology including iPad, iPhone, and Droid. Take advantage of our many modes of learning as you study for your MEF CECP For details click here.

Perpetual Solutions Training Consultancy

Perpetual Solutions is a MEF-ATP (Accredited Training Partner). We deliver high quality, up to date training to support the Carrier Ethernet professional community in gaining the skills and knowledge for day to day roles and to pass the MEF-CECP exam.  Perpetual Solutions has developed a 5-day training course, Carrier Ethernet Services Explained, that delivers the skills to support your day to day work within this exciting industry, and also the knowledge required to pass the MEF-CECP exam.  For the public training schedule please view available dates here.  For onsite training options, click here to send an enquiry or call +44 20 7620 0033.  Web site:

Carrier Ethernet Academy

The Carrier Ethernet Academy is the only independent technical training center focused solely on Carrier Ethernet Services and the work of the MEF. The Carrier Ethernet Academy is an MEF accredited training provider.  The Carrier Ethernet Academy’s MEF-CECP Preparatory Course is an accelerated program with a focus on MEF technical specifications, technologies, and applications covered on the CECP exam. The program is designed to consolidate volumes of MEF technical material into a concise, fast-paced course. Contact us by email:, by phone: 1 (925) 699 8272, or web site:

Telefocal Asia

Telefocal Asia (, established since 2000 and headquartered in Singapore, is an independent training and consulting firm focusing on fixed-line and mobile networks technologies and applications.

Through its dedicated, multi-disciplinary cohort of highly skilled and experienced trainers and consultants worldwide, Telefocal offers a comprehensive list of training topics that encompasses the entire spectrum of telecommunications technologies - spanning from fundamental course topics such as ABCs of Telecommunications, to advanced ones relating to Cloud Enabling Technologies and latest Mobile Technologies.

Telefocal assists clients to develop competencies required for Access, Core, Transmission Network Technologies, Network Management and Service Applications. Its trainings aim to bridge learning gaps and fulfill training goals for organisations. A spirit of innovation and the constant strive for excellence are interwoven in all its training approaches so as to deliver total customer satisfaction.

Since its inception, Telefocal has trained tens of thousands of students who are scattered in well over fifty countries. It has seen an increasing clientele that bears outstanding testimonials to its commitment and expertise. They are based in Asia Pacific, Africa, Middle-East, North / Central America and include leading operators and equipment suppliers, regulatory bodies as well as a slew of other entrants around the world attracted by emerging new technologies and service applications in the telecommunications landscape.

For more information about Telefocal's MEF-CECP training, please refer to


"MEF-CECP Exam Study Guide for CE 2.0 Professionals" (in paperback and eBook editions for Kindle and Android/iPad tablets).
Fujitsu provides different MEF-CECP exam preparation options including a classroom-based course (taught at your site or at a Fujitsu training facility), the industry's most comprehensive study guide "MEF-CECP Exam Study Guide for CE 2.0 Professionals" (in paperback and eBook editions for Kindle and Android/iPad tablets) and the MEF-CECP Exam Trainer app. providing practice test questions & answers for iPhone/iPad, Android and Windows 8 devices. Our training material is produced by expert MEF professionals including an MEF founding member, creator of the MEF Professional Certification Program, and co-author of the MEF-CECP exam.
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