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New PoP Provides Enhanced Connectivity to and Throughout Major European Cities as Well as Interconnection to DE-CIX Palermo

Milan, Italy – May 15, 2017 - Enter, a leader in network and cloud services based in Italy, today announces it has expanded its reach into Sparkle Sicily Hub, a next-generation data center in Palermo.  The launch marks the addition of a new European Point of Presence (PoP) for Enter and provides customers with enhanced connectivity from Palermo to and throughout Europe, including Frankfurt, Amsterdam, London, Paris, Madrid, Stockholm and Brussels.  Furthermore, the PoP provides access to the lowest latency paths from Europe to Africa, Asia and the Middle East by enabling direct interconnections to DE-CIX Palermo

As the first Italian Internet Service Provider (ISP) at this location, Enter’s presence at Sicily Hub offers consumers and businesses enhanced access to enterprise-grade internet and network services, including Ethernet access and transport to Europe, MPLS and IPSec Virtual Private Network (VPN), and demux services.  Customers at Enter’s Palermo location can also access Enter Cloud Suite (ECS), the first European, OpenStack-based cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) solution.  The new PoP expands Enter’s reach in Italy as well as into Africa, Asia and the Middle East.  Enter’s new Italian PoP also offers services to its neutral interconnection facility in Milan Caldera, a highly connected alternative to businesses looking to co-locate in Marseilles.

“Choosing to establish our newest PoP at Sicily Hub was an easy decision, as its location and service offerings are among the best available,” says Milko Ilari, Head of International Business & Strategy at Enter.  “We’re very excited about the new opportunities this venture will bring, including the ability for customers to access DE-CIX Palermo and multiple diverse submarine cable systems for world-class connectivity.”

Sparkle Sicily Hub is the leading IP gravity center in the Mediterranean region, as its unique location is positioned closer to North Africa, the Mediterranean and the Middle East than any other European peering point. It is also connected to all cable landing stations in Sicily, enabling cost-effective and high-quality connectivity services for customers.

Enter’s new PoP also enables customers to interconnect with carrier-neutral Internet Exchange, DE-CIX Palermo, delivering reduced IP Transit and network costs and improved control over routing and IP traffic flow as well as access to a growing list of networks and in-demand content providers.  In addition, increased network quality allows users to effectively deliver bandwidth-intensive content for an enhanced data experience.

To learn more about the Enter’s new PoP in Sicily Hub, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with Enter at booth #1452 in the East Tower, Purple Level during International Telecoms Week (ITW) 2017, taking place May 14-17 in Chicago, IL.

For more information about Enter, visit

About Enter

Enter is a leading European network and cloud provider focused on providing connectivity, data center and internet solutions throughout Europe, the U.S. and Asia-Pacific.  The company's IP backbone spans Europe's largest PoPs (Frankfurt, Amsterdam, London, Paris, Madrid, Stockholm and Brussels), as well as the U.S. (New York) and Far East (Hong Kong) to serve companies in Europe, North America and APAC.

In 2012, the company developed Enter Cloud Suite, the first European, OpenStack-based cloud IaaS service. Enter Cloud Suite is available in Milan, Frankfurt and Amsterdam, and is one of the official cloud platforms of 52 European institutions and agencies, such as the European Parliament and Court of Justice.  To learn more about the company, please visit: and

Media Contacts

iMiller Public Relations for Enter


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Partnership Allows Webair Customers to Use Microsoft Cloud Services with Increased Levels of Security and Performance

 NEW YORK – May 15, 2017 – Webair, a high-touch, agile Cloud and fully managed infrastructure service provider, today announces that it is a Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute Partner.  Azure ExpressRoute allows Webair customers to easily and securely utilize Microsoft cloud services, including services such as Azure, Office 365 and Dynamics 365, with increased levels of reliability and performance.

ExpressRoute is a private, dedicated network connection between the Microsoft Cloud and Webair’s customers’ IT environments.  The decision to become a Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute Partner is consistent with Webair's overarching strategy of providing customers with direct, private and secure access to hybrid cloud services, and expands its ability to mix and match its own local, low-latency enterprise public cloud as well as third-party hyperscale cloud services.

“By becoming a Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute Partner, Webair’s customers are provided with redundant and diverse paths to the Microsoft Cloud,” explains Michael Christopher Orza, CEO of Webair.  “Azure ExpressRoute will allow our customers to utilize Microsoft cloud services with increased confidence in network performance and security.”

Webair’s cloud infrastructure is housed in Webair-owned facilities and runs on enterprise-grade hardware dedicated to customers and deployed directly into customer environments.  Its direct network connectivity model and ability to deploy dedicated hardware per customer allow the secure and private consumption of scalable and SLA-backed cloud services with no physical connectivity to the public internet or to other customers. Today, many of Webair’s healthcare provider and enterprise customers, for example, need to bypass the public internet and consume cloud services as if they were on-premises.  Becoming a Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute Partner and gaining a private, dedicated network connection between Microsoft Azure data centers and Webair customers’ IT environments now provides the best of both options without having to sacrifice existing network security models.

Webair has executed many hybrid cloud solutions for its customers, which often include a hybrid of services such as Enterprise Private Cloud, Managed Security, Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS) and Colocation as well as connectivity to Microsoft Azure, air-gapped and bypassing the public internet where possible.  An air gap means that the customer’s network or system is physically isolated from the internet, thus providing added security against intruders.

In becoming a Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute Partner, Webair has established a more formal relationship with Microsoft to meet its clients’ ongoing growth and demand for future implementations.  Webair plans on offering more managed services on top of Microsoft Azure as its customers, including healthcare and enterprise organizations, seek more hybrid services.  Becoming a Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute Partner is but one critical first step in meeting these demands.

Webair will be attending International Telecoms Week (ITW), the annual meeting for the global wholesale telecommunications community, taking place May 14-17, 2017 in Chicago.  To request a meeting with the Webair team at the event, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

For more information about Webair, visit

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About Webair

Founded in 1996 and headquartered in New York, Webair is an innovative, agile and unique Managed Hosting company focused on providing the right solutions to customer needs as quickly and efficiently as possible. It does this by fully owning and controlling the entire technology stack — from the physical data center to the end-user application.  Webair’s technology solutions portfolio encompasses Public, Private and Hybrid Cloud, Cloud Storage, Bare Metal Servers, Colocation, CDN, Security and Disaster Recovery. Combining industry-leading innovation, expert support and high-touch customer service, Webair serves as a true technology partner to enterprises and SMBs, healthcare organizations, IT firms, eCommerce companies and VoIP providers. Webair also operates an international network of data centers located in New York, Los Angeles, Montréal, Amsterdam, and Asia.

Follow Webair on Twitter: @WebairInc, Facebook: and LinkedIn:

Media Inquiries:

iMiller Public Relations for Webair

Tel: +1 866 307 2510

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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McLean, VA, May 15, 2017 — GTT Communications, Inc. (NYSE: GTT), the leading global cloud networking provider to multinational clients, announced today the launch of its Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Mitigation service, a new capability within the company’s Managed Security suite. The proactively managed service protects organizations from malicious Internet traffic, ensuring the continuity and security of their business operations.

GTT’s DDoS Mitigation augments the company’s IP Transit and Dedicated Internet Access services, providing automated, real-time detection and mitigation of attack traffic and returning clean traffic to the impacted organization. GTT utilizes Corero’s SmartWall Threat Defense System as the platform for its DDoS Mitigation service, delivering comprehensive visibility into IP traffic and attack information, with access to detailed reporting via GTT’s client portal.

The flexible service provides a default, always-on option for clients that require immediate, proactive mitigation. GTT also offers an on-demand solution for clients who prefer to initiate mitigation. GTT’s pricing is based on traffic volume, and all services are backed by stringent response time SLAs.

DDoS attacks continue to evolve in size, sophistication and frequency, costing companies millions of dollars in damage across intellectual property, brand reputation and lost customers. Gartner recommends that “DDoS mitigation services should be a standard part of business continuity/disaster recovery planning, and should be included in all internet service procurements when the business depends on the availability of internet connectivity.” [1]

“As the operator of a top five, Tier 1 IP backbone, GTT has the network capacity and mitigation capability to defend against even complex DDoS attacks,” stated Rick Calder, GTT president and CEO. “Our DDoS Mitigation service expands our Managed Security suite, and provides our clients with peace of mind that their network and business remain safe from threats.”

About GTT

GTT provides multinationals with a better way to reach the cloud through its suite of cloud networking services, including wide area networking, Internet, managed services and voice services. The company’s Tier 1 IP network, ranked in the top five worldwide, connects clients to

any location in the world and any application in the cloud. GTT delivers an outstanding client experience by living its core values of simplicity, speed and agility. For more information on how GTT is redefining global communications, please visit

GTT Media Inquiries:
Randy Slack
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

[1] Hype Cycle for Infrastructure Protection. Laurence Orans, Claudio Neiva; Gartner. July 6, 2016. ID: G00291007

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May 15, 2017 - South Boston, VA – Connected2Fiber, the leading Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) market acceleration platform for connectivity companies, announces today that Mid-Atlantic Broadband Communities Corporation (MBC) has signed an agreement to implement The Connected World SaaS platform.  MBC has also adopted the Building List Manager, an automated software module for creating and distributing OnNet and NearNet building lists to drive wholesale and channel market participation.

MBC is a Virginia-based leader in creating unique public-private partnerships to build and operate open-access fiber networks.  MBC has built over 1,800 route miles of fiber in Southern Virginia to bring private sector competition and drive down costs to accelerate digital inclusiveness.  MBC’s middle-mile wholesale fiber network provides affordable infrastructure and carrier-class broadband connectivity to drive economic growth.  MBC has successfully partnered with regional economic development entities to attract new business and jobs to Southern Virginia with its open access fiber network.

“We operate one of the largest networks in Southern Virginia, providing much needed fiber optic access from key carrier hotels such as Equinix’s Ashburn campus to rural locations throughout Southern Virginia,” says Dave Keller, VP of Sales and Business Development at MBC.  “Now, with Connected2Fiber, we have a platform that can create, design and program building lists to be distributed in customer-preferred formats in less than four clicks, a process that will increase our participation in the market with carriers, service providers and content companies needing access to our reach.  We also get access to the visualization tool, showing our entire internal team our routes, OnNet and NearNet buildings and key market data, eliminating version control or manual updates.  We are excited to partner with Connected2Fiber and implement their platform to help drive growth and participation.”

The Connected World is the connectivity industry’s first market acceleration platform built to help network operators see and manage their assets with market intelligence.  The SaaS platform enables OnNet and NearNet location management, route tracking, interconnection and building list automation, all in a visual, automated toolset designed for the connectivity industry.

“We welcome Mid-Atlantic Broadband to our platform and look forward to helping them drive participation in the wholesale, channel and content markets,” states Ben Edmond, CEO and Founder of Connected2Fiber.  “Mid-Atlantic Broadband is a leading provider of fiber transport throughout the Virginia region, and provides a unique network to the market.  Networks like MBC provide tremendous value to the market, and it is our mission to make sure their reach is participating with all of their partners, every time they build new routes and add more OnNet buildings.  Location management and intelligence are at the heart of The Connected World, ensuring transparency for market intelligence to provide context and help network operators like MBC grow.”

# # #

About Mid-Atlantic Broadband

Mid-Atlantic Broadband Communities Corporation (MBC) is a non-profit 501(c)(4) organization, committed to providing economic development leadership to Southern Virginia.  MBC promotes economic development in Southern Virginia through the operation of a successful advanced open access fiber optic network, providing wholesale telecommunications transport services, colocation and tower leasing.  Since its inception in 2004 and by offering a state-of-the art fiber optic network, MBC has supported the recruitment of major investments, including data centers, call center/operations centers, advanced manufacturing, research and development, and bio-tech industries. For more information, visit

About Connected2Fiber

Connected2Fiber helps the connectivity industry transact, improving return on sales and marketing investment, with the industry's only Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) market enablement platform that combines account-based marketing and location intelligence, with predictive algorithms to improve results. The Connected World platform helps network owners improve transparency, speed and effectiveness with Visualization, Targeting, Engagement, Analytics and Predictive algorithms.  Connected2Fiber is headquartered in Hopkinton, MA, and was founded in 2015 by Ben Edmond.

Media Inquiries

Connected2Fiber, Inc.

Tel.: 1.508.202.1807
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Mid-Atlantic Broadband

Tel.: 1.434.570.1312

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Company Completes Dark Fiber Build-Outs at ColoGuard’s CGNY1 Data Center in Brooklyn and 32 Avenue of the Americas in Manhattan

New York, NY – May 11, 2017  ZenFi, New York’s carrier-neutral fronthaul fiber provider, today announces it has completed dark fiber build-outs at ColoGuard’s CGNY1 data center in Brooklyn, New York, and 32 Avenue of the Americas in Manhattan.  The new build-outs grant customers of ColoGuard and 32 Avenue of the Americas complete access to the ZenFi network.

The ZenFi dark fiber build-out at CGNY1, ColoGuard’s flagship facility and Brooklyn’s only data center and carrier-neutral hotel, and 32 Avenue of the Americas will connect a diverse set of customers across multiple industry verticals.  Targeted at carriers and enterprises, the dark fiber build-outs will provide new connectivity options and allow these entities to incorporate additional diversity into their routes to and from destinations in the New York-New Jersey metro area.

“The dark fiber build-outs at ColoGuard’s Brooklyn carrier-neutral hotel and 32 Avenue of the Americas marks another critical phase of ZenFi's aggressive network expansion,” states ZenFi President and Chief Executive Officer, Ray LaChance.  “Dark fiber is the most flexible connectivity option for carriers and enterprises as it can support multiple services with different protocols simultaneously.  Organizations whose connectivity requirements call for diverse routing now have a new, flexible and reliable option in these facilities to better serve their customers.”

ZenFi owns and operates a carrier-neutral dark fiber network specializing in fronthaul, backhaul and wavelength connectivity. The company provides on-net connectivity to eight major carrier hotels in New York City and 19 data centers in New Jersey.

ZenFi will be attending International Telecoms Week (ITW) 2017, taking place May 14-17 in Chicago, and would welcome the opportunity to meet to discuss these new fiber builds and existing on-net data center facilities.  To request a meeting with ZenFi at ITW, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  For more information about ZenFi, visit or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

# # #

About ZenFi

ZenFi owns and operates a carrier-neutral dark fiber network specializing in fronthaul, backhaul and wavelength connectivity to enable the Internet of Things (IoT).  Its New York City purpose-built network is the infrastructure that underlies and enables connectivity in today’s mobile world.  For more information, please visit:

iMiller Public Relations for ZenFi
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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